Artist Showdown: Mariah Carey vs. Ariana Grande

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

In 1990, 20-year-old Mariah Carey made her debut as one of this generation’s most gifted powerhouse singers. Songs like “Vision of Love” and “Love Takes Time” showcased Carey’s skills. She had a maturity unseen in many R&B artists of that time. Carey was essentially a throwback singer to a time where it took more than “a marketable look” to earn a recording contract.

Later, Carey garnered even more praise with her more youthful tracks, especially once she started collaborating with hip-hop artists like Wu-Tang Clan‘s Ol Dirty Bastard on the remix to “Fantasy,” and one of the genre’s up and coming moguls at the time Jermaine Dupri, on the Daydream LP. Whether slow jam or party track, Mariah Carey has managed to back her success with indisputable talent, even now.

Ariana Grande

The first thought that surfaces upon listening to actress/singer Ariana Grande is how much she sounds like Mariah Carey — it’s undeniable.  Twenty-year-old Grande is even the same age as Carey when the latter debuted with her self-titled album. The actress states that Carey served as a major influence to her budding music career,

Carey’s influence is evident on the lead single from Grande’s upcoming LP, Yours Truly. The song, entitled “The Way,” has already gone platinum in the US. A feature from Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller didn’t hurt its popularity at all. Talk about following a blueprint.

Winner: Mariah Carey takes this round. The crown should go to the person setting the standards of success.

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